Appeal Conservation Target

Water Target Conservation Number Appeal Information

If a resident believes that their water conservation target number is insufficient, they are invited to begin the appeal process with the Public Works Department.

Appeal Process

Step 1: Fill out an Appeal Application
The first step in the process is for staff to review and consider the appeals form submitted by the customer. Staff will verify that the Summer and Winter Water Conservation Targets were correctly calculated.

Appeal Application can be downloaded here:
Water Conservation Target Appeal Application

Step 2: Fill out a Water Budget Calculator
The second step is for staff to obtain information from the water customer so that the property’s Water Budget can be calculated.  The Water Budget calculator shall use sixty-five (65) gallons per day, per person, as the indoor use. The 30% conservation reduction will be subtracted from the total water use that results from the Water Budget calculation. 

Water Budget Calculator can be downloaded here:
Water Budget Calculation Information

Step 3: Complete a voluntary water audit or submit supporting documents
The third step in the appeals process is for the water customer to to provide information that satisfies Sierra Madre Code Section 13.24.170D, which states, “No relief shall be granted to any customer for any reason in the absence of a showing by the customer that he has achieved the maximum practical reduction in water consumption.” One possible means to demonstrate a maximum reduction in water consumption is by the completion of a voluntary water audit, which may be performed by the City at no cost to the customer.

For more information regarding the water conservation target appeal process please contact the public works department at 626-355-7135 Ext. 802.