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The City is now activating it's Red Flag procedures for the canyon areas. This will allow fire personnel to navigate fire trucks through those areas. During a Red Flag Alert Day, it shall be unlawful, when authorized signs are in place giving notice, to park any vehicle on any of the following streets or portions thereof in violation of those posted signs:(1) Mount Wilson Trail; (2) Churchill Road; (3) Skyland Drive; (4) Fern Glen; (5) Fern Drive; (6) Idle Hour; (7) Canyon Crest Drive; (8) Orange Drive; (9) Woodland Drive; (10) Brookside Lane; (11) Sunnyside Lane; (12) Yucca Trail; (13) Holly Trail; (14) Sturtevant; and (15) Elm; (16) Pleasant Hill; (17) Old Ranch Road; (18) Forest Lane; (19) Casey; (20) Madre; (21) Hermosa North of Carter; (22) Auburn North of Grandview; (23) Canon Drive; (24) Oakcrest; (25) Carter; (26) Mount Wilson North of Mira Monte; (27) Alta Vista; (28) Vista Circle; (29) Woodland;

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The City of Sierra Madre has joined the Clean Power Alliance to provide residents and business owners a choice for their energy needs. Clean Power Alliance is a public entity, formed as a Joint Powers Authority (JPA) made up of 31- member jurisdictions across Los Angeles and Ventura Counties.

Clean Power Alliance purchases clean power on the wholesale market and Southern California Edison (SCE) delivers it. Nothing else changes—SCE will continue to deliver power to your home or business, send the bill, and be responsible for resolving any issues
with your electricity service. 

To change your level of service (percentage of clean energy) or opt out of Clean Power Alliance and return to SCE, please click here.

For any other questions please you can call the Clean Power Alliance at 888-585-3788 or email at

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